Florida Historical Society Meetings

Most meetings are held at the Green Family Homestead, 13 Bridge Street, Florida, on 3rd Thursdays at 7:00 pm except when there is a weather issue.  In that case, meetings will be held at the Senior Citizens Center, 4 Cohen Circle, Florida.  People on our email list will be notified of a change or you can call Gary Randall at 845-651-7466.

Annual Fruit Sale

Annual Fruit sale to be announced

Fruit Lovers: We are now selling delicious tree ripened fruit from Florida and California that keeps fresh for months! Our top seller is item #20 on the first page of the brochure: California Navel Oranges.  New this year are Clementines, bottom left also on the first page; these small mandarins make a perfect snack for children.  Click on the Fruit Brochure button to the left to view items for sale.  Prepaid orders must be in to us by November 17th with delivery the week of December 5th or 12th.  To order call Gary Randall at 845-651-7466 or Marv Kissinger at 845-651-5483.

Historical Society Graduation Scholarship 2019

The winner of the 2019 Historical Society Scholarship was S.S. Seward High School Senior, Kelly Sgombick.  She prepared an excellent Power Point Presentation of the important historical buildings in our Village.  She photographed, researched and created slides of each building with photo and description.  This presentation can be used to educate and entertain an audience.  Kelly also make a booklet of the slides she prepared.  The Florida Historical Society is very grateful to Kelly for her time, research and ability shown in this substantial project.

Traveling Trunk


This new program by the Florida Historical Society has begun visits to our first graders.  Trunks are filled with artifacts depicting life long ago and local history.  Plans are underway to expand the program to the kindergartners as well.

Seward Day

For this year, 2020, Seward Day - May 16th, falls on Wm. Henry Seward's actual birthday.  We will post updates regarding Seward Day.  Following is a summary of a previous Seward Day event celebration:

Opening remarks by Gary Randall, President of the Florida Historical Society, were followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Mayor James Pawliczek.  The County Historian, Johanna Porr, offered welcoming remarks.  Historical Society Members, John J. Kimiecik & Robert Scott, presented a preview of the Society's soon to be published 2nd book: "Touching All the Bases, Places and Faces".The Young Historians of Golden HIll Elementary School presented "Prominent Citizens of Early Florida".  The Fourth Grade followed with the "Golden Hill Report on Historic Tour of the Village of Florida"  Seventh graders from the S.S. Seward Institute presented a power-point on the "Life and Accomplishments of William Henry Seward".Robert Scott, on behalf of the Florida Historical Society, presented books to the school and public libraries.Seward Day celebrations came to a close with the singing of Seward Songs by the Golden Hill Fourth Grade and closing remarks by Gary Randall.  Refreshments followed.

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